LUCI MPowered Luci Beam Light


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LUCI MPowered Luci Beam Light

Luci Beam 2-in-1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight

Delivering up to 300 lumens, a water-resistant body, and transformative design, this long-lasting and rechargeable light delivers impressive performance with the ability to switch from handheld to headlamp in a snap. From setting up the tent at night to looking for something in the attic, this convenient and first-of-its-kind 2-in-1 Headlamp and Flashlight provides light wherever and however you need it. Set includes: 1 headlamp body, 1 headlamp mount, 1 flashlight body, 1 headband/wrist strap, and 1 micro-USB cable.

• Recharge via solar or quick-charge with USB
• Dual-use adjustable strap: Secure headband for headlamp and convenient wrist strap for flashlight
• Adjustable 90º tilt on unit
• Compact, durable, and water resistant (IPX4)

Perfect for: camping • hiking • backpacking • tent lighting • RV camping • beach days • climbing • boating • kayaking