Winter 2021 Fishing Update

With the season now closed after one of the best Dry Fly Summers in years it is time to look at our impoundments.

Lake Jindabyne is at 77% and reasonably steady. There are fish cruising the edges already so we should have a good polaroiding winter and Spring. The Brown spawning run was fantastic with over 1000 through the trap at Gaden and there are still plenty of fish coming into the river. Lets hope we get a good Rainbow run!!!

Lake Eucumbene is 22.5%, it has been falling but is now steady. The edges have been very muddy but the fishing is still good with great condition fish. Just be careful in the muddy bays!!!

Tantangara is rising and is at 31%. If you can bare the weather it is a worthwhile trip as there are fish up in the edges and in great condition.

Sunny clear days are best for spotting cruising fish and the change of light in the evenings is the time to strip Woolly Buggers and wets.

Lake Jindabyne will drop later in the month and hopefully expose weed beds close to the edge. The fish cruise over these beds making for exciting fishing with small Midge Emergers and Nymphs.

High Country Outfitters is stocked with all the right flies for the lakes and the best clothing and footwear to keep you warm and dry .

We are open 7 days so call in and get the latest info on what is happening.

Cheers, Murray


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