Summer 2020 Fishing Report

Man fly fishing in the snowy mountains

Well, what a year so far!!! This summer will certainly one to forget and move on from. Let's put the past behind us and work on the future!! Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some very good rainfalls around the region, and some more forecast for the coming week. This is great news for the rivers, streams, and lakes in the area.

Thredbo River

The Thredbo River is fishing quite well and will only improve as autumn approaches. The Upper section of the river is fishing better than the lower parts, but we should see more fish move up from the lake in coming weeks as the weather cools some more. The good news is that the trout are readily taking bugs off the surface and there is lots of insect life about. Smaller beetles, Damselflies, mayflies, and of course grasshoppers are the order of the day, and anglers should have good selection of these patterns in their fly box (along with a handful of nymphs and sub-surface flies) to be in the game.

The fish are still a little "spooky" after the low flow and heat of the summer, so a slow and stealth approach is still needed to fool the fish. Longer leaders and accurate casts will certainly be an advantage. Although when "Hopper" fishing a more aggressive presentation will attract the attention of a feeding fish. Stimulators  and dedicated hopper patterns like a Knobby Hopper or Snowy Mountains Hopper are fantastic flies, and we have plenty of variety and stock in store.

Upper Snowy River

insland bend snowy mountains

The Upper Snowy River above Island Bend is another area that is well worth a look. This part of the river has only just re-opened after the bushfire threat and has had very little pressure on it this season. The pondage is a great starting point and working your way up to Guthega and beyond will provide with some very good and challenging fishing options. Spencers Creek, Betts Creek, Diggers and Perisher Creek are also worth looking at.

Lake Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne has really been a bit of a hard one lately? I'm thinking with the massive fluctuation that we have seen lately with the lake level is really playing havoc for the shore based fisher. The fish seem to be down deeper eating yabbies and enjoying the cooler water, this will change however when the edges become cooler and the fish start looking for insects closer to the shoreline. Killer patterns like Mrs Simpson and Hammils killers are a great mudeye imitation, and the good old Wooly Bugger is a fly that is perfect for searching out some hungry trout. Mornings and later in the afternoon/evening will be the best time to try and pick up a fish or two on the lake.

wooly bugger brown flyfishing fly

The coming weeks and months we will start to see the fishing improve and hopefully things will start to get back to "normal". In the mean time come on down to Jindabyne and support the local community

Snowy Mountains Tourism & Flyfishing after the bushfires

 lake jindabyne during bush fires

Jindabyne and surrounds did fare very well with what can only be described as an absolute horror for the east coast of Australia. We dodged a bullet!! Other areas close to us have not been so lucky and our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastating fires this summer. Homes and lives were lost, businesses have suffered, native animals and stock have been lost. Now we must move forward and rebuild. Although Jindabyne was not directly affected by the fires, we have lost a lot of tourist dollars and most businesses are really struggling. Now is the time to plan your next holiday, weekend away, or over night trip to the high country. Update: This is especially true after the added blow that Covid-19 has had on the area.

We hope to see you all again very soon.

Ant, Kirsten, and Murray.

Originally Posted 12th February 2020, Updated 15th June 2020

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