Blast from the Past: Flyfishing Reports from 2014

These Flyfishing Reports from the High Fly Vault were just too good to lose, so we have saved them here for you to enjoy. If you love fly fishing like we do, you will enjoy these fishing reports from 2014 written by local legends Murray and Ant, with their love of our local alpine lakes, streams and rivers shining through. As we update out website in the crazy year that is 2020, enjoy these vintage reports, you might just feel like you are out there yourself.

Summer is nearly here

November 2014

trout fishing snowy mountains


The weather has been magic over the past few weeks. The local streams, lakes and rivers have been fishing very well. There has been an abundance of insect life both above and below the surface, giving the angler many options to choose from. With excellent hatches of stoneflies, caddis, and the mayflies during the day, you shouldn’t have too much trouble enticing them up to the surface with a well presented dry fly. Good patterns to use now would be parachute Adams, Elk hair caddis, Klinkhammers and any other emerger patterns that you may have hidden  in the fly box.

The evening has seen the appearance of some bigger moths and beetles, so throwing out some bigger surface flies from dusk and into the evening might be worth trying to coax some of the bigger fish in to a strike.

The rivers have been fishing better than in the past couple of years and hopefully will only get better as the summer goes on! So now is great time to head to Jindabyne and come for a fish!!!


The fish are starting to look up!

October 2014

trout fishing snowy mountains



With the warmer weather upon us there has been some good hatches of bugs over the past couple of weeks. Last week we saw hatches of stoneflies and caddis during the day and some awesome termite falls during the evening. The river is looking very good at the moment with a consistent flow from snow-melt and the odd shower. The river level is dropping slowly and running quite clear. Good reports from the fisher folk with fish being caught on the lower part of Thredbo river from below the hatchery down to the bridge. They haven’t been easy to catch, so a good presentation with the right fly and drift are the key to enticing the fickle little guys to eat the fly. good patterns right now are the usual array of nymphs, pheasant tail flash backs, copper johns, prince nymphs, and hare and copper also a midge larvae would be a good option for a trailing fly. On the evening rise during a termite fall, smaller ant patterns fished on lighter tippet are doing the trick.

The lake has been fishing a little slower during the day, however the late afternoon right through to later at night have been producing some quality fish both on the surface and below. Wooly buggers and Muddler patterns fished slowly should do the trick for those big browns cruising for a feed.

Hopefully the weather will keep going the way it is right now and we will start to see some more surface action with the fish becoming keener to smash those dry flies on the surface and make the smaller streams in the area come to life.

Happy fishing folks. and don’t forget to come on in to the shop before you head out on the river or lake for the latest info on what’s happening on the water.



The Fishing Season opens this weekend!!!

September 2014

I hope everyone is excited as we are for the opening of the fishing season, it opens at midnight on Friday the 3rd at midnight. 

The rivers are in excellent condition and the Thredbo is running clear and fast.

For those fishing the bigger rivers you will need lots of weight as there is snow melt and lots of water.

The trap has been removed from Gaden Hatchery and there are still Rainbows running. The Hatchery has all its numbers which is a great relief as we had poor runs in the last two seasons.

There has been some beautifully conditioned Rainbows caught around the edges of Lake Jindabyne which is great news and after looking in the river yesterday there are some good fish about!!

High Country Outfitters is stocked and ready for the opening with all the latest in Fly Fishing gear.

We have a big supply of heavy bombs and nymphs and the latest flies from Stu Tripney, Manic, Mick Hall and Pisces.

Call in and get the latest info, help and gear from the experts.

Thanks and see you soon,



Rainbows moving into the river

August 2014


Some good news folks! After a couple of sub-par spawning runs from the rainbow trout in the previous couple of years this year is looking to turn around for the better. With good to great numbers of big healthy rainbows filling the traps at the hatchery it looks as though the spawn run this year could be great. With the spawning fish making their way into the river system to do their thing a few of these should take up residency for the upcoming river fishing season (hopefully they will stick around all summer?)

There has also been quite a few bigger fish in large numbers coming into the shallows of the lake edges. If you are into sight fishing around the lake edges now is the time to get out there and try and turn some heads.  Unweighted nymphs and small unweighted wooly buggers should work a treat. Just remember to walk slowly and keep your eyes in the shallow water, a stealthy approach will reward!



The fish are moving closer!

rainbow trout

August 2014



End of Season

June 2014

The Browns have been running well with a huge run on the Eucumbene and also a good run in the last couple of weeks on the Thredbo. The hatchery has all its numbers for Browns and I guess we wait to see what the Rainbow run will be like. The last 2 years have been quieter for the numbers of Rainbows moving up the rivers making it difficult for Fisheries to get the numbers in the hatchery.

The main focus now will be the Lakes for some winter fishing and only yesterday a local angler spotted some good fish cruising the edges of Lake Jindabyne. The calm sunny days are great for polaroiding but don’t forget a bit of wind will stir up the banks supplying food for the cruising fish. Woolly Buggers are a good searching pattern or small nymphs fished slowly.

Rug up and enjoy winter, Murray

Browns On the Run

May 2014

brown trout fishing snowy mountains


The Browns are on the move as the weather is changing, some rain is forecast for later in the week so the fish will be on the move in the Thredbo and the Eucumbene. Some beautiful fish have been caught and they are in excellent condition. Black Flashback nymphs have been working as well as Glow Bugs under a indicator. The Manic Wiggle Eggs have been working as well as the Soft Milk Eggs. Please be careful where you wade and release your fish as quick as you can. Happy fishing, Murray

Easter Fishing Report 

March 2014

trout fishing lake jindabyne

As we enter Autumn the fishing is improving with the small streams fishing well. Lots of small fish are eagerly taking dry flies with the odd good fish amongst them.

The lakes have been ok with Jindabyne fishing well in the evenings. Waste Point has been the pick of the spots and there are still fish on the edges to polaroid.

We are stocked up for the Easter break so call in and get all the latest info and check out the latest gear.

Happy Easter and Happy Hunting, Murray

Originally Posted 2014 Updated 16th June 2020  

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