Airflo Atom Salt 9ft #8


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Airflo Atom Salt 9ft #8

The Airflo Atom series of freshwater fly rods are just what you need to get started in fly fishing. Packed full of features and performance, but without breaking the bank, the Atom fly rod will be right with you as you head off on your lifelong fly-fishing journey.

 The new Airflo Atom Saltwater series fly rods are made to get a job done. The progressive action makes them easy to cast even with heavy sinking lines and bulky or weighted flies, whilst the increased wall thickness of the blanks increases strength a pulling power when battling big saltwater fish from under a boat. The Airflo Atom saltwater series fly rods are fitted with high-quality corrosion resistance fittings and high-quality corks.

The Atom range of fly rods comes with a spare tip section, rod bag, and rod tube


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